An Interview With Jim Duquette

Baseball Prospectus’ Maury Brown recently had a very detailed interview with Jim Duquette. In the interview, they cover everything from the recent trades and free agent signings that have gone down with the Orioles as well as how the Orioles are going to address left field.  Good stuff and well worth checking out if you have a BP subscription.

The Orioles signed outfielder Jay Payton to a two year, $9.5 million deal.  Payton had a pretty mediocre year in 2006 and while he’s a career .286 hitter, his career OBP is only .330.  He does make good contact though and he doesn’t strikeout too often.

An Interview With Jim Duquette

Payton will fill in at left field.  While I wouldn’t say this is a huge signing, for the money, we could have done worse.

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