Orioles Sign Corey Patterson to One Year Deal

The Orioles locked up Corey Patterson to a one year, $4.3 million deal yesterday and the team is not finished signing their arbitration eligible players.  I think this was a bit high, but even the Orioles end of the arbitration offer was $4 million so that would have been the ceiling.  Patterson had a solid season in a few ways after coming over from the Cub.

Orioles Sign Corey Patterson to One Year Deal

s in 2005.  He stole 45 bases but he’s not great at the top of the lineup because he had only a .314 OBP.  He’s a decent power/speed guy but I still think we should deal to a team that’s enamored with his stolen bases.

PECOTA sees a drop off but it’s probably because of that very poor 2005 season.  Still, I have a feeling Patterson isn’t going to be worth the $4.3 million we’re paying him but here’s to hoping.

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