Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Baseball Games

Baseball is one of those games, which are so much fun to watch. There are fans who will always fill the stadiums, with others choosing to watch the games on TV, from the comfort of their homes. Every game has its pros and cons, and so does baseball.

One of the major advantages of watching baseball is that it’s one of the games with the most fans in the world. This makes watching the games, especially in the parks quite the adventure. You are carried away by the fan spirit, and it becomes very thrilling to watch your favorite teams and players get down to business. Nothing truly beats the excitement in the air, especially when your team is winning.

Secondly, as a baseball fan, watching the games is one way you can keep up with your teams. You also get to know what’s happening to your favorite players and how the various teams in the leagues are faring on. This information is crucial during the World Series and playoffs, as you will have a prior understanding of how the season pitch

One notable disadvantage of watching baseball is the cost. If you would rather watch the game from a park, you have to pay for the tickets, which can be quite costly. There are additional expenses you may need to cater for such as food, souvenirs, and refreshments while at the park. If you had no budget for these provisions, they may end up breaking your bank. Moreover, sometimes you have to travel to different locations just to watch your team play, which can be quite tasking.

When seated fifty rows up at the park, chances are you don’t get the best view thus you don’t enjoy the game as much. This also applies to watching the game on TV since you don’t get to see what’s happening on the pitch first hand. This can be frustrating and you may end up getting disappointed.

Finally, watching baseball can be detrimental because of the weather. Imagine a scorching sun or a heavy downpour just as you had started enjoying a game. It gets worse if your team is losing which leaves you a sad and disappointed fan.

While there is a thrill to watching baseball games, one should also consider the advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

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